We'll become your new CTO, with a full blown development team included.

"We believe in lean, agile, beautiful development, ethical business, and long-term partnerships. Find out more about our process and how you can work with us."

MVP in 6-8 weeks

Steps in the MVP development phase:

Define Scope -> Requirements Gathering -> Wireframe Development -> Design story card or sprints -> Development -> The deployment starts

Race along with Time

Time flies like an arrow, but to hit the center of the board is difficult. Plenty of task with limited time is the constrain of most of the people to dive along with their aim. If you feel difficulty to dive forward, we are here to help you to achieve your task in the time constrain.

Design Complex Business Models

We help established companies to find new and innovative business models to compete against growing competition and to keep at bay rebel.In the case of entrepreneurs, we help to find new and innovative business models to carve out their space in the marketplace. We are here to help to design complex engines and efficient algorithms.

CTO Consultation

Don't have a CTO ?

Do you need someone to manage your tech team ?

Do you need expert opinion on the best technology stack for your product ?

Are you planning to scale your model ?

We are here to assure the successful execution of the company’s business mission through development and deployment of the company’s web presence. This requires envisioning the company’s service, leading implementation and planning for risk and growth.

Upgrade Legacy Code

Do you want to upgrade a monolithic legacy app or upgrade libraries that are not compatible or maintained or upgrade an app without test cases and other devs dare to refactor?

See you start a company with a clean software roster. A few years later, things get more complicated. You’ve got the business side breathing down your neck about new, client-facing features. These new and sparkling features will effect your next product deployment, maybe your next iteration of funding. Why would take the time to update your legacy code base ?

Come to US we are here to help you.

Support in agile development

Do you need an Experienced Scrum Master ?

Do you have a team with you, but do you follow agile ?

If your answer is no, don’t worry we will provide you an experienced Scrum master to oversee the entire Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) and make your tech team productive enough.

Code Reviews/Architecture Consultation

Codes are written by human beings. Therefore codes are often riddled with mistakes. Do you need an expert to review your code and make it effective to use by avoid format string exploits, race conditions, memory leaks and buffer overflows ? Don’t worry just ping us our expert with take care of your worries.

Are you confused in choosing right Architecture/Design ? Just share your confusion, we will help you to establish an architecture and architectural process or to optimize an existing architecture and associated processes.

UI/UX consultation

Do you feel that you system is lacking user interaction ?

You may have an awesome product, but you may lack UX, do you ?

We are here to resolve your issue. Red Panthers main advantage is our holistic approach. We love to start with UI/UX work and we can quickly proceed to front-end design. Usability analysis mix art along with coding. Our UX analysis covers the range, measuring details and estimating intangible glamor. We will assign our brain which work like left-brain analytics to recognize all of the problems as we utilize for right-brain inspiration and visuals.

Implement TDD/BDD

Are you lacking an automated test suite ?

Do you want some to guide/train you ?

Testing frequently gets left to the last minute, then reduce because out of time, over-flow of money or something else. Then arise the question “why”. It’s unavoidable;however, that the primary step in all project is a discussion about the overall behaviors of the software or feature to be develop. We solve the problem “why” behind the code by invoking automated test suites and provide effective training to cultivate Test Driven Development and Behavioural Driven Development.

We have built products for 1 person startup to MNC's with over 10000 employees. Let us help you as well.