Kochi : Truly the Queen of the Arabian Sea

  • Fort Cochin

    Kochi was basically once a fishing village in the pre-colonial era and you could find out that the best practices and other methodologies in fishing are still being practiced and Fisheries is a tradition in Cochin which still exists.Since Fort Cochin was in the possession of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British at different points of time, the region still bears the influence of European architecture.Presently Kochi-Muziriz Biennale 2016 is taking up all the headlines from Fort Cochin. It’s a must visit place. Fort Cochin , Red Panthers, Kochi, Ruby Conf Kerala 2017
    Major Attractions
    Read more about Fort Kochi here
  • Cherai Beach

    If you want to take those water-scooter & speedboat rides at a clean and shallow beach then Cherai Beach is the right place to go it’s an amazing beach located at the north-end of Cochin. Read more about Cherai Beach here.
  • Andhakaranazhy Beach

    This place is not much popular amongst the tourist but it’s a beach where you should go if you want to just sit on the sand and relax, by evening there won’t be much crowd. The tourism department is slowly catching up and developing the infrastructure here. Andakarnadhi, Red Panthers, Kochi, Ruby Conf Kerala 2017 Here is the Geolocation of the Beach.
  • Marine Drive

    It’s famous for its beautiful promenades and it’s built facing the backwaters of Kochi. It’s popular amongst the youth as a hangout spot and the jogging area for morning people. It has few local shopping malls and people go there to see the sunset over the sea mouth and feel the gentle breeze. Read more about Marine Drive here.
  • Kumbalanghi Model Tourism Village

    Kumbalanghi is my ancestral place and here you can savor a variety of natural splendors and the location is so well located having the perfect ecological balance. The Model Tourism village is the first of its kind in the country. Kumbalanghi , Red Panthers, Kochi, Ruby Conf Kerala 2017 Read more about Kumbalanghi here.
  • Mattancherry

    This place was once a very busy marketplace, and if you’re going there you would get lost in its old world charm it still has. It is dotted with queer old buildings, fancy restaurants, and antique shops. It’s near to Fort Cochin and if you are going there go there just to enjoy the street vibes. Mattanchery , Red Panthers, Kochi, Ruby Conf Kerala 2017 Major Attractions Read more about Mattancherry here.
  • Munambam Beach

    It is is a beautiful, long beach near Munambam Fishing Harbour at the northern end of Vypeen. Ideal for kite flying, the beach also has many village homestays nearby. Munambam beach is situated at Vypeen Munambam Beach , Red Panthers, Kochi, Ruby Conf Kerala 2017 Read more about Munambam here.
  • Bolgatty Island

    Near the historic town of Fort Kochi in Ernakulam district, the commercial capital of Kerala is the Bolgatty Island. This lush, lovely island is famous for its palace of the same name. The Bolgatty Palace, built in 1744 by the Dutch and later taken over by the British. Today, it is a premium hotel run by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) Hotels & Resorts, with a small golf course and special honeymoon cottages. Bolgatty Island , Red Panthers, Kochi, Ruby Conf Kerala 2017 Read more about Bolgatty Island here.
  • Apart from the above places, there is numerous mouth-watering variety of food you should try out to tickle your taste buds in Cochin. If you are a foodie then Cochin ought to be on your bucket list, it’s an exhaustive list but we would try to skim down the list and give you a variety of food joints to choose from.
    • Grand Pavilion, Ernakulam

      The Grand hotel Pavilion is one of Kochi’s oldest and most popular restaurants. The restaurant is part of the Grand Hotel which started in 1963 offering lodging and food. But it’s the restaurant which has become the landmark, and not without reason. The Grand is famous for its Syrian (Christian) food and the Karimeen Pollicahthu (fried pear spot fish) here is a highlight. So is the seafood and the Biryani (a rice dish made of herbs, spices, and meat).It can be very crowded during lunch hours (not surprising, given its popularity) but if you are looking for true Keralan delicacies at fantastic value, then Grand is the place to be. Geo-location: Google Maps
    • Kayyikka Restaurant

      Whilst Kochi mostly attracts international attention for its outstanding seafood, the humble biryani is also worthy of note, being one of the city’s defining culinary characteristics. Although officially entitled the Rahmuthalla Hotel, Kochi locals popularly refer to this space as Kayikka’s, after the man who first discovered and honed the original biryani recipe in the same spot. Kayikka’s has cultivated a cult following, each enjoying the deliciously sumptuous richness of a dish cooked in copious amounts of pure ghee, or clarified butter. Whether it’s for the evergreen chicken and mutton biryani or the fish and prawn biryani served with date pickle, Kayikka’s loyal fan-base can always be found frequenting this popular haunt. Geo-location: Google Maps
    • The Rice Boat – Vivanta

      Whilst in Kerala, do what the locals do. If abiding by this mantra, sampling seafood is top of the list. The Vivanta is housed on a stationary ‘kettuvalam’ or rice boat and boasts the juiciest seafood in Kerala. The fresh daily catch is enhanced by the spectacular waterfront view of Fort Cochin, complementing the rustic décor aboard the boat. The signature dishes such as tiger prawns in coconut oil, white snapper in banana leaf and soft-shelled crab with tartar sauce comes to life with the flavor of local spices, especially the fragrant turmeric and coconut. The restaurant also caters to the pared-down palette of the visiting Westerner, serving lobster bisque, crab au gratin, and crepe Suzette. Geo-location: Google Maps
    • History Restaurant – The Brunton Boatyard Hotel

      Located in the Brunton Boatyard Hotel, History Restaurant is an ingenious concept in stylish travel. The food is exquisite. The menu here offers a wide range of options tracing Cochin’s Jewish, Syrian, Arabic and Portuguese history. These cuisines have been enriched with recipes borrowed from the kitchens of Kochi families. For the main course, one can have the ‘Fisherman’s, Stew’, a Portuguese favourite of mixed seafood cooked with kidney beans, herbs and fresh ground pepper; the ‘Kariveppila Kozhy’ which has chicken cooked in Kerala spices with coconut; and the Curry Leaf and ‘Byculla Club Curry’, a dish from the British era which consists of cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with banana and served with a velvety green sauce. The hotel is located in the heart of Fort Cochin but is easily reachable from the main town as well. Geo-location: Google Map
    •  Pai Brothers

      You can find more than 150 varieties of Dosa here, a typical popular South Indian dish. It has been a popular hangout place among the natives since quite a long time.It’s very rare you find so many options of mouth watering dosas under one roof. Geo-location: Google Map
    • Primate Raw Food

      If you are one of those food conscious souls or one among who likes trying out something new this place is a must visit for you, it has something different to offer you.Primate is India’s first restaurant specialized in raw food dishes using fruits, vegetables, micro greens, sprouts, nuts, honey, jaggery etc. It’s a place that offers nature in its purest form.Everything that you have here is not at all cooked, rather its sun-baked. Geo-location: Google Map
    • Jhivras

      Another such outlet which is one of a kind, offering recipes made out of more than 100 man-years of dedicated efforts and expertise in the domain of Human Wellness. Jhivras is an ultimate destination for those who love clean and healthy food without sacrificing taste. You will be amazed by the quantity they can offer you with the best quality and fair price.A true example of Ayurveda blended in food. Geo-location: Google Map
    • Dhe Puttu

      If you are a fan of variety, this is the place that you should not give a slip. The name Puttu(basically steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut) refers to a popular breakfast dish prominent in Kerala, but what makes this place class apart is the varieties of Puttu available here. Different versions of local puttu available across Kerala can be tasted here under one single roof.Geo-location: Google Maps Well, am a foodie myself and I would carry on with the list. let’s keep it short but here are two exhaustive lists you can choose from depending on your taste & mood.

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    Apart from all these food joints, you can also please your senses with popular Kerala snacks which are available easily at any bakery such as Chips(Banana, Jackfruit, Tapioca etc), Pazampuri(A ripe banana dipped in a batter and fried, a traditional evening snack with a huge fan following) etc. All you need to do is to step into a bakery and ask for. It’s also available in Le Meridian where most of you are staying. Well when it comes to souvenirs you can buy traditional handicrafts, spices from Broadway, also you can buy Pattu Sari or Kerala saree (a traditional silk saree for women exclusive to Kerala customs), Kasavu mundu or Mundu (For men) which is abundantly available at various malls and exclusive retail showrooms all across Kochi.Also, if you like glitters, Kochi is a place where you can see gold, yes! lots of gold being sold in a way you never before have come across or imagined, special dedicated shops like malls selling gold by private players. The prominent ones are Joylukkas ( At  Marine Drive), Bhima, Alappatt etc. You can get all souvenirs  easily at LULU Mall, (The largest and biggest mall in India and the most visited place in Kerala) though it could be a bit expensive, but if you are more of an explorer type you can do all the purchases you wish with a much more involved approach at Broadway at much cheaper rates. However, you must visit this mall too. In case if you have more time in your hand to stay back you can also visit  some of these sensual places We hope you have a great experience with all the information available here to know and feel Kochi a bit closer and real. P.S List Compiled by Imran Khan & Jacob Mani ]]>