Upgrade Legacy Code

Every day, every second new technology and new developments are happening in this beautiful world. When new comes, the code or technology we developed one minute before will be the legacy code.

It is the magic of creativity by the human brain. Human begins are unpredictable, they are awesome in developing new stuff in the technological field. This is the fact behind the origin of legacy codes. They are not the old codes or poorly written programs in the system, they are codes that are no longer engineered but continually patched.

In other words, the legacy code indicates an application system source code type that is no longer supported or unsupported operating systems, hardware and formats. Therefore, a software developer will identify a legacy code when a feature cannot be included without crashing logic.

“Legacy code is not just old code, or stuff other people wrote, or even code that is in production. Legacy code is any code that significantly and continually resists the reflection of on-going requirements change. — Anthony Lauder”

Need of upgrading legacy code:

  • In the case of missing existing code
  • Required changes cannot be made using the existing code base
  • Difficult to figure out the proper working of current system
  • When upgrading the infrastructure
  • When existing system is completely useless due to dangerous bugs.

Benefits of Upgrading Legacy code:

  • Will be up to date to updated technology or latest technology
  • Can meet the new requirement in an easy and fast way
  • Can compete with new trends and changes in the market, thereby be an active member in the update technological field
  • This process can help to generate a cost-effective and accurate way to maintain legacy investments and thereby prevent the expense and business impact of converting to totally new software.
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Why Us:

  • It is easy for us to understand the existing code
  • We always generate code which is functionally excellent that legacy code
  • Guarantee to deliver 100% updated code
  • We follow agile project management technique
  • Our team members are strong enough to generate timely output
  • Peer group review to avoid bugs