Ruby on Rails Developer Support

Our Support services are designed to help businesses to drive high-performance, and extend application life while improving the application efficiency and reducing overall system downtime.


Why support services?

  • Reduce 'keep-the-lights-on' costs - reduce the per user support cost and non-discretionary spend.
  • Minimize the risks to business - effectively balance cost reduction and risks to business.
  • Ability to predict costs - predict future costs and reduction therein.
  • Scalability - scalable model to allow temporary expansion in capacity to support enhancements.
  • Flexibility - dynamic cost structure that caters to the fluctuations in business demands.
  • Quality of service - higher customer satisfaction from higher quality of service.

What we offers?

  • UI Design.
  • Testing.
  • Version Upgrade.
  • Code Analysis & Review.
Developer support

Why Red Panthers?

  • Pay-per-use : pay only for what you consume and not for idle availability.
  • Cost predictability: pay for predefined productivity levels for services.
  • Reduced TCO: reduces overheads of managing people and infrastructure.
  • Service Guarantee: performance driven service delivery approach with pre-defined SLAs.