Ruby on Rails Consultants

Our UNIT is a flexibly resourced team working towards a unified aim. A core, dedicated UNIT composed of two Engineers, a Designer, and a Product Manager are assigned from start to finish. Multiple UNITs can run concurrently and additional resources are extended and removed as a requirement. An integrated, cross-functional team means less pause, excellent change management, and superior velocity. Each individual in the UNIT is active, fast and with a high degree of oblique thinking abilities with the attitude and readiness to do whatever it entraps.


Ruby on Rails Consultants

Project Manager

Responsible for the overall product design and delivery as well as the team management, allocation of resources, responsible for timely completion of projects.

Ruby on Rails Consultants


The group of two back-end engineers who build, test and deploy the code behind the screen for the end users.

Ruby on Rails Consultants
Ruby on Rails Consultants


The owner of the project, who actively involved in the entire development cycle to develop efficient and profitable business.

Ruby on Rails Consultants


The creative head in the front-end, where all the magic happens. The designer will help the user to track the correct path easily.

Business Analyst

The person who comprehend the business alteration, requirements, assessing the business encounter, roundup, analyzing and documenting requirements, supporting the communication and deliver the requirements of the client.

Solutions Architect

Authorized for the whole technical vision and performance of the product. Manages the team of System Architects and Engineers.

Brand Strategist

Manages the development, initiation and continued marketing. Does market research, psychology, and design to build brand architecture, consumer engagement and a plan to build brand loyalty.

Systems Architect

Controls the development, enrollment and persist marketing. Carry out market research, behaviorism and design to generate brand architecture, consumer bond and a plan to build brand loyalty.

Ruby on Rails Consultants

UX Designer

Moils with all point of view of the system that communicates with the user including the interface, graphics, design, etc. to create a tenacious, predicting and attractive designs.

Visual Designer

The Visual Designer generates unique on-brand visual elements and outlines the visual expression platform.

Identity Designer

Develop visual effects that generate part of the client’s whole branding and supervise the perceived emotional image.

UX Architect

User Experience(UX) Architects are bound for the overall vision of the product and key design. They lead and supervise the work of the UX and visual designing UNITs from initiation to end.

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