Code Reviews/Architecture Consultation

A change in the application architecture is very time taking and costly to fix, particularly when it arises late in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Well, designed software architecture goes a long way in deciding the performance of the system. Hence, it is crucial to access the architecture of a system during the design phase itself, so that any potential gaps in the architecture that can lead to performance degradation can be identified early in the development process when they are easier and less expensive to fix.

Under our Architectural Consultation and Code Review offering, we conduct a formal review that examines architectural decisions with respect to their impact on performance as well as other quality attributes, such as reliability or modifiability. We review the application architecture and design to uncover any architecture level performance bottlenecks and give recommendations to make necessary changes

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Code Review

Code Review is the systematic examination of computer source code intended to find mistakes, thereby improving overall code quality. Code review is a proven, cost-effective way to find defects early in the software lifecycle.

We enable you to perform regular code reviews and audits on your application throughout the development phase, to ensure that performance bottlenecks are identified with each code release and do not sneak into production.

Code reviews are a proven, cost-effective way to remove real problems from your software. Our team of expert reviewers uses their experience and our established process to find issues in your code. Common problem areas include architecture, security, error handling, scalability and performance.