Ruby on Rails Development company

About Us

Red Panthers is a software consultancy that specializes in Ruby on Rails. We use an innovative unit (pair) based model in all our projects. As part of the model, we use of modern agile project management methodologies, interaction design, effective product strategy, trust, transparency and a carefully selected suite of tools to ensure that our clients get the best technological solutions possible as we turn their ideas into scalable and maintainable products. We believe in focusing on the future and moving forward.

Ruby on Rails Development company

Mission and Vision

To help our clients achieve their potential through technology


To become one of the world’s leading Ruby on Rails Development company and bring innovations that improve the way the world builds products and foster technological growth

Ruby on Rails Development company


We’ve always wanted Red Panthers to be a place that brought together smart, talented people from diverse backgrounds, and where you could bring your whole self to work. Working with smart, talented colleagues in a free, innovative environment is the dream of all people. Here at Red Panthers, we provide a platform for everyone to present their ideas, chose and work on disrupting technologies.

Ruby on Rails Development company


At Red Panthers, we follow a well-defined process that is involved in ensuring the success of our development projects.Our process facilitates regular communication between our development team and the project stakeholders to fully understand the needs of our clients. This process allows us to deliver the high-quality solution that apt or beats our client’s expectations. The success of our process is in the hands of our UNIT members.The UNIT consists of four members of project manager, two developers, and one designer.

Ruby on Rails Development company

Open Source

At Red Panthers, we always wanted to create a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and delivery. We thrive to better ourselves, our craftsmanship, technical skills by learning new languages, frameworks, technology, methodologies that would help us to improve efficiency and productivity. Often we conduct technical talks/sessions sharing the knowledge we gained with the team members. We have benefitted from the open source community, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to share the knowledge that was once passed to us.

We have built products for 1 person startups to MNC’s with over 10000 employees. Let us help you as well.